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Vintage Chic Illumination: Explore Targetti Sankey's Iconic Lamp Collection

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Are you in search of that perfect touch of vintage elegance to light up your living or working space? Delve into the world of Targetti Sankey, an esteemed Italian lighting brand with a legacy since 1928, renowned for their blend of functionality and artistry in lighting. Their collection stands as a testament to the evolving designs and trends across the ages, offering a rich palette of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.

This blog post will guide you through the remarkable design evolution of Targetti Sankey. From the revered mid-century modern designs to groundbreaking space age innovations, we’ll spotlight their standout collections and pieces. 

These emblematic designs promise to infuse your spaces with a nostalgic yet sophisticated flair. Whether your preference leans towards table, desk, floor, or wall lamps, Targetti Sankey’s diverse range caters to every style and requirement.

Embark with us on a journey to explore the allure and refinement of Targetti Sankey’s lighting collection.

The Evolution of Style: Tracing Targetti Sankey’s Design Journey

Targetti Sankey stands at the intersection of lighting and design, crafting lamps that mirror the shifting styles and preferences from the 1960s onwards. This segment invites you on a journey through Targetti Sankey’s design evolution, exploring how their creations have kept pace with stylistic transformations.

1970s Italian Mid-Century Modern Designs

In the 1970s, Targetti Sankey adopted the Italian mid-century modern aesthetic, embracing organic shapes, geometric patterns, and functional sophistication. Their designs drew inspiration from nature – think flowers, leaves, and shells – and utilized materials like brass, chrome, and glass. Iconic lamps from this era, such as the Bellini, Elbow, and the sought-after Targetti ‘Little Man’ table lamp, can add a vintage flair to your living room, bedroom, or workspace.

1980s Post-Modern and Minimalist Influences

The 1980s saw Targetti Sankey evolve towards a more post-modern and minimalist design ethos, inspired by the Memphis Group and the Bauhaus movement. Their creations during this period were marked by bold geometry, vibrant colors, and a playful spirit, crafted from plastics, metals, and wood. Destination pieces like the Logico ceiling and pendant lights, Jedi linear projectors, and Dart round projectors are perfect for crafting dynamic, adaptable lighting scenarios in both homes and offices.

Space Age and Futurism: The 1960s and Beyond

Targetti Sankey’s foray into space age and futurism began in the 1960s, with a design language that remains dynamic and innovative today. Drawing on themes from science fiction, technology, and astronomy, their lamps utilize materials like aluminum, steel, and acrylic. 

Noteworthy designs in this style, including the Ivy system, the Mrs Bo bollard, and the innovative “Targetti Svegliami” series – an foldable, portable light with alarm clock, can revitalize both outdoor and indoor spaces, making them cozy, appealing, and practical.

Iconic Collections and Unforgettable Pieces

Targetti Sankey’s collection of lamps stands out for its diversity, innovation, and iconic status. These pieces have not only captivated collectors but have also become timeless design classics. Esteemed by enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, this section will spotlight their landmark collections and the elements that make them so exceptional and distinctive.

The “Elbow” Series by Bellini for Targetti Sankey

Among the most celebrated and immediately recognizable collections from Targetti Sankey is the “Elbow” series, brought to life by the acclaimed Italian designer Mario Bellini in the 1970s. This series encompasses table, desk, and floor lamps, all unified by a signature adjustable curved arm. Exhibiting a minimalist and graceful design, these lamps feature a chromed metal base coupled with a white opal glass diffuser. 

The “Elbow” series stands as a quintessential representation of the Italian mid-century modern aesthetic, marrying functionality with aesthetic appeal in a seamlessly elegant manner.

Murano Glass Elegance: The Fusion of Art and Illumination

Another notable collection from Targetti Sankey involves the exquisite use of Murano glass, a renowned and valuable glass originating from the Venetian island of Murano. In collaboration with premier Murano glass artisans like Archimede Seguso, Targetti Sankey has crafted lamps that transcend mere lighting to become pieces of art. These Murano glass lamps, like those found at Natavintage Lighting, offer a spectrum of shapes, colors, and patterns, showcasing the exceptional skill and inventiveness of the glassmakers. They are perfect for introducing an element of refinement and class to any interior.

Chromed Finishes and Sleek Lines: A Modernist’s Dream

The collection that particularly stands out includes pieces with chromed finishes and sleek designs, drawing inspiration from the modernist and futuristic visions of the 1960s and beyond. These lamps by Targetti Sankey exude a polished and smooth look, characterized by geometric and angular forms with a metallic and industrial vibe. Ideal for those looking to infuse their spaces with a contemporary and visionary feel, these lamps also carry a nostalgic hint of vintage charm.

The Impact of Targetti Sankey’s Designs on Modern Interiors

Targetti Sankey’s lamps, known for their beauty, functionality, and influential design, have the power to transform interiors. These lamps infuse spaces with unique styles and personalities, setting distinct atmospheres and moods. We’ll delve into how Targetti Sankey’s designs significantly affect modern interiors by seamlessly blending vintage with contemporary elements, serving as statement pieces, and offering innovative lighting solutions suitable for any area.

Blending Vintage with Contemporary

Targetti Sankey’s lamps masterfully merge vintage charm with contemporary flair. With timeless designs that incorporate classic forms and materials alongside modern technology, these lamps are adaptable to any interior design scheme—be it traditional, eclectic, minimalist, or maximalist. They skillfully create a contrast and achieve a balance between old and new, thus introducing a slice of history and nostalgia into modern settings or injecting a fresh, innovative vibe into vintage environments.

Lighting as a Statement Piece

Beyond their role in illumination, Targetti Sankey’s lamps act as captivating pieces of art. Each piece showcases the unique creativity and vision of its designers, making them a source of attention and admiration. The wide variety of shapes, colors, and patterns available allows these lamps to reflect the owners’ personalities and tastes distinctly. Serving as the centerpiece in any room, they contribute character and allure to the environment.

Innovative Lighting Solutions for Every Space

Lastly, Targetti Sankey’s designs offer innovative lighting solutions that cater to every space. These lamps are not just versatile and adaptable but are also equipped with smart and energy-efficient features. Users can adjust the lamps in various positions, angles, and heights to craft unique lighting effects. Furthermore, they can control the intensity and color of the light with a remote, dimmer, or sensor, contributing to energy savings and lessened environmental impact through the use of LED or low-consumption bulbs. Thus, these designs can satisfy any lighting requirement, whether it’s for ambiance, task, accent, or decorative purposes.


Throughout this blog post, we’ve delved into the remarkable world of Targetti Sankey’s lamp collections, showcasing their ability to infuse a touch of vintage elegance into modern settings. We journeyed through the evolution of their designs, from the revered mid-century modern classics to their avant-garde, space-age innovations. We spotlighted key collections and memorable designs that encapsulate the progression of style and functionality in lighting. 

Moreover, we discussed the transformative effect these lamps can have on your interiors—merging old-world charm with modern aesthetics, serving as striking statement pieces, and offering inventive lighting solutions tailored to every corner of your space.

For those intrigued by the timeless allure of Targetti Sankey’s lamps, or looking to enrich your space with their distinguished pieces, their website and Etsy shop await your exploration. Stay connected with their journey through social media for the latest updates and inspirations. Prepare to be captivated by the sophistication and distinct character of their lamps, capable of elevating your spaces into realms of unparalleled style and ambiance.

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