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Giotto Stoppino Iconic Kartell Magazine Rack from the 70s - Perfect for Magazines and Vinyl

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Introduction to the Iconic Design

If you’re in search of a stylish and functional method for organizing your magazines and vinyl records, the Kartell Magazine Rack stands out as a must-consider option. Originating from the creative mind of Giotto Stoppino in the 1970s, this classic piece of Italian design was crafted for the esteemed furniture maker, Kartell.

This plastic magazine rack boasts four or six pockets (the former is the model 4676, the latter te model 4675) and a central handle, simplifying the tasks of lifting and relocation. Its design is both simple and elegant, utilizing a durable and lightweight material.

Available in a variety of colors including transparent, silver, black, and opaline, the Kartell Magazine Rack transcends mere functionality to become an iconic design symbol. It mirrors the modern and Space Age aesthetic of the 70s, marking a significant chapter in the legacy of Kartell, a brand known for its innovative and quality plastic furniture since 1949.

This emblematic piece exemplifies Giotto Stoppino’s genius in melding form and function. This article delves into the design and characteristics of the Kartell Magazine Rack, offering guidance on its integration into contemporary settings and advice for collectors on its conservation.

The Design and Features of the Kartell Magazine Rack

Delve into the intricate world of the Kartell Magazine Rack in this section. A hallmark of Italian design, this classic piece was crafted by Giotto Stoppino in the 1970s. We’ll unravel the elements that make this product unique, including its material and form, utility, and the range of colors and aesthetics that define this iconic work.

Material and Form

Constructed from PMMA, an exceptionally durable, lightweight, and easy-to-maintain type of plastic, the Kartell Magazine Rack is not just about looks. This material choice enables a variety of colors and finishes, including the sleek kartell model 4675 in black, offering not just style but also substance. Its design is both fundamental and utterly practical.

The rack features four pockets capable of holding magazines, newspapers, books, or even vinyl records, showcasing its versatility. A central handle links these pockets, ensuring the rack is easily portable. Its simplistic yet elegant design ensures it blends seamlessly into any decor.


Far from being merely aesthetic, the Kartell Magazine Rack is a beacon of functionality. Each pocket can comfortably accommodate up to 20 magazines or 10 vinyl records, catering to various sizes and thicknesses. The pockets are designed to be spacious and adaptable, suitable for an array of publications and media formats.

An ergonomically designed handle ensures a comfortable and secure grip, highlighting the product’s thoughtful design. Its stability and balance allow it to stand firmly on any flat surface, making it an ideal choice for organizing and displaying your favorite reads and records, always keeping them within easy reach.

Color Variants and Aesthetics

The Kartell Magazine Rack’s aesthetic appeal is enhanced by its availability in a selection of colors and finishes. The transparent option, often seen as the most classic and iconic, beautifully showcases the design’s purity and simplicity.

The silver variant offers a more modern and futuristic look, reflecting light and the colors of its environment. In contrast, the kartell model 4676 in red brings a pop of vibrant color, while the black and opaline versions convey an air of elegance and sophistication, creating a striking contrast with the rack’s contents. These color options provide ample opportunity for personalization and styling according to your tastes and preferences.

With its modern and space-age flair, the Kartell Magazine Rack stands as a design icon, capable of enhancing any space.

Integrating the Kartell Magazine Rack into Contemporary Spaces

In this section, we will explore how to seamlessly incorporate the Kartell Magazine Rack into your contemporary spaces. We’ll dive into home decor inspiration, fusing functionality with style, and strategies for pairing the Kartell Magazine Rack with both vintage and modern elements.

Inspiration for Home Decor

The Kartell Magazine Rack is an extremely versatile and adaptable piece, making it perfect for any room in your house. Whether you’re looking to store and display magazines and records in your living room, bedroom, office, or even bathroom, this rack serves multiple purposes. It can also double as a side table, a nightstand, or a plant stand.

Depending on the variant you select, the Kartell Magazine Rack can introduce a splash of color and personality to your space. For a classic look that blends with any style, consider the transparent version, which lets the beauty of its contents shine through. If you’re after a more futuristic and glamorous vibe, the silver version might be your choice. Alternatively, the black or opaline versions provide a sophisticated and elegant contrast, capable of complementing various types of flooring, including wood, carpet, tile, or concrete.

Combining Functionality with Style

More than just a practical storage solution, the Kartell Magazine Rack is a stylish accessory that can enhance your home decor. It not only helps organize and declutter your space but also adds a modern and space-age flair. Displaying your favorite magazines and records, the Kartell Magazine Rack allows you to showcase your personal tastes and interests.

Create a focal point in your room by positioning it near a sofa, fireplace, window, or wall art. By adding cushions, blankets, candles, or plants, the Kartell Magazine Rack can also contribute to a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Pairing with Other Vintage and Modern Pieces

A timeless piece, the Kartell Magazine Rack effortlessly blends with both vintage and modern furniture and accessories. Creating a cohesive and harmonious look is easy when pairing it with other Kartell products like the Componibili storage module, the Front Page magazine rack, or the Ghost chair.

For a retro and eclectic vibe, mix it with vintage pieces such as the Eames lounge chair, the Noguchi coffee table, or the Colombo lamp. Alternatively, to create a dynamic and contemporary environment, pair it with modern furnishings like the Knoll sofa, the Hay tray table, or the Muuto pendant light.

Preserving and Collecting the Giotto Stoppino Kartell Magazine Rack

Discover how to treasure and accumulate the Giotto Stoppino Kartell Magazine Rack, an emblematic piece of Italian design from the 1970s. This guide covers essential care and maintenance, its value as a collectible, and tips on acquisition.

Care and Maintenance

The Giotto Stoppino Kartell Magazine Rack, crafted from PMMA, stands out for being durable, light, and straightforward to maintain. To ensure its condition and avoid damage such as scratches, stains, or cracks, adhere to a few care guidelines. Protect it from direct sunlight, excessive heat, or moisture to prevent material damage or alteration.

Regularly dusting with a soft cloth or a feather duster is recommended, alongside gentle wiping with a damp cloth for more thorough cleaning. It’s vital to steer clear of abrasive or chemical cleaners that could degrade the rack’s surface and finish.

For storage, keep the magazine rack in a cool, dry environment, shielded from sharp or heavy items that might cause scratches or dents. Additionally, avoid overburdening the rack with items to prevent pocket sagging or tearing.

The Collectible Aspect

More than a mere storage unit, the Giotto Stoppino Kartell Magazine Rack is a design marvel reflective of the 70s’ modern and space-age aesthetic. It symbolizes Kartell’s history of producing avant-garde, high-quality plastic furniture since 1949 and showcases Giotto Stoppino’s ability to meld form and functionality seamlessly.

As a collectible, the rack brings value and elegance to any setting, coveted by design aficionados, collectors, and vintage enthusiasts for its distinctiveness, simplicity, and beauty.

This piece is especially valuable as it is no longer produced by Kartell, making it a rare find and a delightful acquisition for design enthusiasts.

Where to Find and Purchase

Interested in acquiring a Giotto Stoppino Kartell Magazine Rack? Explore several avenues: the official Kartell website for online purchases, Kartell stores or authorized dealers for a firsthand look, or online platforms like eBay, Etsy, or 1stDibs for new or pre-owned options, often at reduced rates.

Vintage shops, flea markets, or auctions are excellent for uncovering unique pieces or negotiating better prices. Always verify the product’s condition, authenticity, and warranty, ensuring you transact with a trustworthy seller.


In this article, we’ve delved into the Giotto Stoppino Kartell Magazine Rack, an iconic symbol of Italian design from the 1970s. This elegant plastic magazine rack, characterized by its four pockets and central handle, offers versatility in various colors and finishes.

Highlighting the modern and space age aesthetic of the 70s, this design masterpiece can significantly enhance any contemporary setting with its vibrant color and distinct personality. Furthermore, we covered essential tips on how to preserve and collect this coveted item, as well as advice on where to find and purchase it. If you’re in pursuit of a chic and practical solution for organizing and showcasing your magazines and records, the Giotto Stoppino Kartell Magazine Rack could be the perfect choice.

Not only is it a rare and unique piece that can inject value and charm into your living or work space, but it also represents an opportunity to own a slice of design history.

Dont miss this chance. Order your Giotto Stoppino Kartell Magazine Rack today!

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