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70s lamp magic – the Telegono

Telegono lamp was conceived in the late 60s, but it is indeed an everlasting icon of 70s sparkling creativity. It was designed by Vico Magistretti in 1966 and produced by Artemide from 1968 until 1979. Actually it was the leading edge of the Studio Collection – the 1st series of Artemide design masterpieces, followed by other icons like Nesso and Bacco.

Like other space age creations, the innovation of this amazing 70s desk lamp was twofold. On one side, the use of innovative materials like melamine and PMMA. On the other side, the ingenious combination of funcional and intriguing shapes. The sculptural Telegono features a movable shell hinged to the plastic body, for direct and indirect lighting. As simple as ingenious! Moreover, the base has a movable compartment that can function as a catchall, adding convenience to this outstanding piece of design.

Also the product name is highly creative. “Tele” evokes a telephone, the suffix “gono” relates to geometry… Telegono is a witness of space age design, deserving admiration from space age artists and design enthusiasts.

Telegono lamp joined the IKEA catalogue in 1970. Awarded in 1970 Wiener Mobelsalons International, Vienna, it is also permanently present in the Archive & Collection, IKEA Museum, Älmhult, Sweden.


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