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70s Bar Cart with Light Longato ‘Game’ in Red Hue

Longato 'Game' 70s bar cart / serving trolley designed by Marcello Siard. Made from Novodur resin by Bayer, with the rare red hue and integrated lights.

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Experience the perfect blend of functionality and vintage charm with the Longato ‘Game’ Mobile Drinks Trolley, a stunning piece designed by Marcello Siard. This versatile bar cart, made from the exclusive Novodur resin by Bayer, is not just a practical bar accessory but also a rare collectible that brings a touch of mid-century modern elegance to your home.

A Rare Gem in Vibrant Red

The Longato ‘Game’ trolley is exceptionally rare, especially in its striking red color. This bold hue adds a splash of vibrancy to any space, making it a standout piece that catches the eye and sparks conversations. Its rarity and unique color make this trolley highly sought after by collectors and design enthusiasts alike.

Innovative Design with Integrated Lighting

What sets this trolley apart is the incorporation of functional lighting, a feature that enhances both its aesthetic and practical appeal. The integrated lamps, designed by Marcello Siard, are not only intact but also fully operational, providing ambient lighting that adds to the trolley’s charm. Some minor signs of yellowing on the lampshades add character, reflecting its vintage nature.

Quality Craftsmanship

Made with Bayer’s exclusive Novodur resin, this trolley boasts durability and a glossy finish that has stood the test of time. Despite minor wear, such as superficial scratches, stains, and signs of resin wear on the top surfaces, it remains in excellent condition. These imperfections add to its authenticity, telling a story of its journey through the decades.

Versatile and Stylish

Whether you use it as a mobile bar cart, serving trolley, or stylish bedside table, the Longato ‘Game’ trolley offers versatility that adapts to your needs. Its mobility makes it perfect for entertaining guests, while its sleek design ensures it fits seamlessly into various décor styles, from mid-century modern to contemporary settings.

Collectible Vintage Piece

Owning the Longato ‘Game’ trolley means possessing a piece of design history. Its combination of rarity, innovative design, and vibrant color makes it a valuable addition to any vintage collection. It reflects the creative spirit of the mid-20th century, bringing a nostalgic yet sophisticated touch to your home.

Perfect for Retro-Inspired Interiors

This trolley is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their living space with a touch of retro elegance. Its unique design and functional features make it not just a piece of furniture but also a work of art that elevates the ambiance of any room. Use it to serve drinks at your next gathering, display your favorite decor, or simply enjoy its presence as a statement piece.

Enhance your space with this remarkable Longato ‘Game’ Mobile Drinks Trolley and enjoy a perfect blend of retro sophistication and modern functionality.

item. Bar Carts / Serving Trolley / Bedside Table
designer. Marcello Siard
maker. Collezioni Longato Padova
model. Game (model 1030)
period. 1970s
country. Italy
material. novodur resin by Bayer
color. red
dimensions (cm). 50 x 50 x 57 H
condition. Excellent vintage condition with minor signs of wear of plastic and scuffs. Lamps fully functional with slight yellowing. Wheels in excellent conditions.

art. no. 1499

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