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Rare Nason Murano ‘Sommerso’ Glass Rectangular Vase, 1960s

Beautiful sculptural vase or catchall made of heavy 'Sommerso' Murano glass by Vincenzo Nason. Smoke grey hues.



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Immerse yourself in the artistic legacy of the 1960s with this exquisite Murano ‘Sommerso’ Glass Rectangular Vase by legendary designer Vincenzo Nason . Crafted with precision and flair, this small vase or catchall is a testament to Nason’s mastery and the timeless allure of Murano glass.

The rectangular vase features warm and brilliant hues, with smoke grey shades artfully submerged into clear glass through the ‘Sommerso’ technique. The angular shapes create a captivating contrast with the soft nuances of the sommerso glass hues, resulting in a mesmerizing and wonderful visual impact.

This artisanal Murano glass piece not only showcases the technical expertise of Vincenzo Nason but also exudes the charming flair of the 1960s. Its compact size makes it versatile, serving as a delightful catchall or a unique decorative accent. The play of light and color within the glass adds an extra layer of sophistication, making it an ideal gift for those who appreciate vintage design and artistry.

Elevate your space with this charming and timeless creation that embodies the spirit of the 60s. Whether adorning a shelf, table, or any space in your home, the authentic Vincenzo Nason Murano ‘Sommerso’ Glass Vase is a statement of elegance and a perfect gift for those who cherish the beauty of vintage design and masterful craftsmanship.

Very good vintage conditions, with designer’s signature under the base.

item. vase, catchall
designer. vincenzo nason
period. 1960s
country. italy
material. murano ‘sommerso’ glass
color. clear, smoke grey
dimensions (cm). 13.5 x 8.5 x 7
condition. very good conditions, small scratches scattered and two slight visible deficiencies to the accurate control in two angles.
art. no. 1329

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Rare Nason Murano ‘Sommerso’ Glass Rectangular Vase, 1960s

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Rare Nason Murano ‘Sommerso’ Glass Rectangular Vase, 1960s